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Just a random assortment of some of my favorite ingredients so far this year…

homemade ricotta


about to be candied lemon peel


candied lemon peel
(this went on top of a lemon tart with bourbon maple syrup)


the perfect spring pizza toppings


fresh from that morning’s farmers market
(asparagus, garlic greens, fresh ladysmith cheese on a baguette)


sea salt, lime juice & zest and dark, dark chocolate
(yup, these are going into a dark chocolate batch of brownies)

Awhile back I took a soft cheese making class with a friend – I’m still a little blown away by the fact that cheese I something I can actually make…  Since the class I’d been too intimidated to try any of the cheeses, even though some seemed really easy. But then I found out my friend had made two cheeses – nothing like being out done to get me motivated.

Since its asparagus season, I’m quickly trying all of my favorite recipes. I’ve been waiting on one that sounded particularly good – an asparagus tart on puff pastry. Looking at the recipe again I realized it called for ricotta – time to try some cheese making!

It really is amazingly easy. Since I live in a dairy county, finding the right whole milk is easy. Heat it up with a little acid and salt, let curds form, and that’s about it.

Once the whey has fully drained out – you have fresh ricotta! (on a side not, the whey is a great fertilizer).

I couldn’t wait to taste it, so had a little bowl with honey & blueberries – yum!

Half of it made the base for this super tasty asparagus tart.

The other half is just waiting to be used. If I’m patient it might make ricotta pancakes, but I have a feeling it’s going to be on a bagel with honey or just eaten with a spoon.