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Paper crafting has always been my favorite, but I’ve put it on hold for awhile now in favor of sewing. But thanks to inspiration from a friend sewing together a super cute paper garland for a party, I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head for sewing on paper. An Easter invitation provided the spark… a friend invited a few of us over for dinner and an egg hunt, encouraging creativity (nothing like pressure since it’s a crafty crowd). I knew I didn’t want to hard boil eggs or use plastic ones if I could help it and came up with the idea of sewing together paper eggs to fill with candy.

I bought a sheet of glassine and got to work. First I traced a bunch of egg shapes and cut them out (leaving lots of extra room around the actual egg shape).

Then I whipped out the crayons – the eggs had to be decorated after all. Something else may have worked better since on the waxy glassine, the crayon was pretty faint, but it’s what I had on hand so I went with it. I did leave half the eggs blank for the backs.

I paired up the eggs and sewed them together, leaving about the top 1/4 open. I mixed up thread color, and did some with a straight stitch and some zig-zag. Initially I liked the zig-zag better, but ended up like the straight stitch best on the finished product.

Then I filled them with jelly beans!

Time to sew them closed… I left a small gap between the top & bottom section of stitching so there would be a natural place to rip them open. Can’t make it hard to get to the candy after all… Then I trimmed off the excess paper, leaving about a 1/4 inch of glassine outside the stitches.

I found a not so pretty one to test – I had to make sure they worked of course 😉

Yup, it works! Super cute & fun to make – a new Easter tradition.







Now that I have the best craft table ever! (photos coming soon, I promise) I needed a chair to go with it. I few months ago I snagged this freebie outside my office.

Not pretty, but simple and an easy chair to spruce up. Dusting it and taking it apart was step one. Then I sanded down the frame a bit before painting.

Then the fun part… painting. I have a love hate relationship with painting. I love how easy it is t make a huge change to something, but I always get bored part way through. Luckily this still managed to be just an afternoon project. I’ve gone back and forth on the color for this chair, white, grey or turquoise… I have all of them available as leftover wall paint. I finally went with my gut… turquoise!

No need to play it safe with a chair, so I might as well pick the fun color. Fabric for the seat was the toughest part… I even bought a couple different fabrics and of course ended up finding the perfect fit in my scrap stash! (well now I have new fabric calling for new projects I guess…). I’ve always loved this fabric and the dark turquoise matched the paint perfectly. Ironic too, because I originally bought this fabric to recover chairs for the office. While the frame dried, I recovered the seat (adding a bit more foam because it was really hard & flat…).

It was coming together so well and I had to make myself wait until the paint was completely dry. Nothing like watching paint dry… But it did and I got to put the pieces back together.

A perfect fun craft chair!
Here it is in its new home…

Step 1 in project craft space is done – the paint colors have been chosen.

The bedroom will soon be in the smaller room and will be zen and modern in golden cricket and dusty mountain (3rd from the bottom on each paint chip).

The bigger room will now serve as the office, guest room and sewing/craft space. I had to compromise my love of dark colors a bit so the room would be light and airy and a good work space (well I succeeded on 3 walls…). Those will be dolphin fin and the 4th will be mosaic tile (the bottom colors on both swatches).

next up, step 2: painting…

While posting my recent embroidery projects I started to get inspired by the number of crafty things I’ve actually done in the last few months. So I thought I’d revisit a couple others in order to keep the inspiration coming.

My sister had her first baby 2 months ago and I wanted to make something for her nursery. Playing off her love of owls, I found a really cute pattern for an owl mobile made from baby socks!

I”m not as good about taking photos of my baking, but here are a few from my annual chocolate making extravaganza with Jess.