Branches, pom-poms and a glue gun – that combo was my holiday obsession this year. A little pinterest inspiration turned into a serious pinterest win and lots of fun crafting times!

It all started with two friends willing to humor my excitement over the idea of pom-poms on branches πŸ™‚ I drug (literally) a pile of branches home after a wind storm, then it was off to buy pom-poms. Sparkly was not the plan, but it ended up a happy accident when that was our only option. Then an evening of wine, friends and a baby that just had to be part of the action.

sticks and pom-poms

This is my kind of craft – quick, fun and not a lot of patience and no measuring πŸ˜‰

Here’s the finished product from round one:


Then it was time for round two. Since the first one was so tall, I needed something else for my hot chocolate party centerpiece. Back to the store for white poms and no luck – more sparkly, just slightly smaller. So I picked out the white & silver ones for round two. This one did take a little more time and patience, since I involved by other crafting favorite – glitter & glue! I added spots of “sparkly snow” to the branches and then added poms. And on this one I learned patience has it’s place when working with hot glue – ouch!

winter sparkle

Round three happened because my friend braved the craft stores for me and found… all white poms! Teeny tiny ones, and some slightly less tiny. I made calendars for friends and family this year and was inspired to keep going with the branch and pom-pom theme to wrap them. First up, wrapping the calendars in kraft paper and baker’s twine. And then… more hot glue and poms. I have to admit these teeny tiny poms had me gun shy after the previous mishap. But putting the glue on the branch instead of the pom kept my fingers out of danger (just one very close call).


The finished product…

a moment of zen

Wrapping presents is one of my all time favorite things, but I do think this was my best work. Little moments of holiday zen.

The sightly larger white poms were perfect for the rest of the gifts.


I did mix it up for my nephews wrappings. All in all a very satisfying year of the holiday pom-poms!

best wrapping yet!