I forgot just how happy baking makes me. No, there’s no chocolate in this one – but I had to share because I’m celebrating fall and a return to baking and the realization of just how much I missed creating (in the kitchen and with my sewing machine) over the summer. This summer was incredible and I wouldn’t change it, but I am so excited for fall, for apples, pumpkins, leaves, foggy mornings and crisp evenings, curling up with a book, cozy clothes  & boots and best of all baking.

At the beginning of each new season I’m convinced it’s my favorite, but truly I know that designation only goes to fall for me. And I’m celebrating with food (cause that is one of the best parts of fall, right?). Yesterday I enjoyed an egg, smoked jack cheese, apple and sausage scramble – delicious! And tonight… my most favorite apple, a Zestar, with honey roasted peanut butter (thank you Bellewood Acres for both) and now… I have pumpkin poppers in the oven. The smell of the pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger made me grin and then the taste of the batter (yes, I love my raw baked goods!) just made me giddy. The recipe describes them as baked pumpkin donut holes and I’d have to agree, yum! I did adjust the topping a bit. I made brown butter and used maple sugar with the cinnamon – might as well take it to the top for a fall celebration, right?