I’ve been inspired lately by my “Super Nephew” – the bonus of sewing for a two year old is that things are small and projects are quick.

First up for the little chef was an apron. A good friend made a bunch for little ones in her life for Christmas so I borrowed her pattern and experience while it was fresh and whipped up this cute one.

owl apronThe best part is that he’s turning out to be quite the little baker and loves the Kitchen-Aid!

mixin it up

Of course when I first gave him the apron he tried it on like a cape which prompted his parents to encourage him to ask for a cape (meanwhile all I was thinking was noooo, I don’t want to sew with shiny fabric). With a few suggestions he decided he wanted a shiny red cape with a star on it.

I wasn’t so excited about this project, but texts from my sister letting me know he was asking about his cape and even remembered it was red with a star two weeks later gave me some much needed motivation. I got a little more excited when I got to the fabric store and realized I could work a chartreuse green into the mix and a fun blue too (I did go with a nice traditional red at least).super cape colors

Turns out the hardest part was picking the pattern (cause I’m not a wing it kind of girl). I ended up going with this one. Then I invited my sewing buddy over knowing there was a much better chance of avoiding throwing the project on the floor if I had a witness. Turns out that sewing with shiny fabric isn’t so bad when the pieces are small and you use lots of pins. I finished it in an afternoon (and may have already made a second one, but that’s a secret…) and it is ridiculously cute – I had no idea I’d be so excited about sewing a cape.

super capeI was going to wait until I saw my nephew next, but that was two months away and seemed like a mean thing to do to an excited two year old. So I packed it up and put it in the mail and was rewarded with photos like this:
super cute

pantslessThe cape & no pants look is quite the classic and has been making me smile all day!