Paper crafting has always been my favorite, but I’ve put it on hold for awhile now in favor of sewing. But thanks to inspiration from a friend sewing together a super cute paper garland for a party, I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head for sewing on paper. An Easter invitation provided the spark… a friend invited a few of us over for dinner and an egg hunt, encouraging creativity (nothing like pressure since it’s a crafty crowd). I knew I didn’t want to hard boil eggs or use plastic ones if I could help it and came up with the idea of sewing together paper eggs to fill with candy.

I bought a sheet of glassine and got to work. First I traced a bunch of egg shapes and cut them out (leaving lots of extra room around the actual egg shape).

Then I whipped out the crayons – the eggs had to be decorated after all. Something else may have worked better since on the waxy glassine, the crayon was pretty faint, but it’s what I had on hand so I went with it. I did leave half the eggs blank for the backs.

I paired up the eggs and sewed them together, leaving about the top 1/4 open. I mixed up thread color, and did some with a straight stitch and some zig-zag. Initially I liked the zig-zag better, but ended up like the straight stitch best on the finished product.

Then I filled them with jelly beans!

Time to sew them closed… I left a small gap between the top & bottom section of stitching so there would be a natural place to rip them open. Can’t make it hard to get to the candy after all… Then I trimmed off the excess paper, leaving about a 1/4 inch of glassine outside the stitches.

I found a not so pretty one to test – I had to make sure they worked of course 😉

Yup, it works! Super cute & fun to make – a new Easter tradition.