A few months ago, I found this super cute crayon folio pattern from gingercake. I have plans to make it using laminated cotton, but I decided to try it last week with regular cotton fabric.

I was visiting a friend and their new baby and being an older sibling, I knew I wanted to bring a gift for the older brother as well. I had enough leftover fabric from my nephew’s Dr. Seuss tent to finally test this project. I’ve got to say, this may just be my go to gift for toddlers and kids – it’s SO cute and really pretty easy (I made it in two evenings). Plus buying the fun stickers, crayons or other crafts to go inside is fun too.

I love that it looks kind of like a little briefcase.

Here’s the inside – this cute Seuss fabric makes everything even more fun, I’m happy I got to use it again.


Pockets for crayons and stickers.

And just like that, a portable coloring station!