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When I found this recipe for nutella truffles I couldn’t resist.

Nutella, bittersweet chocolate, liqueur, cream, vanilla & a little butter… a winning combination.

Chocolate, nutella, cream & butter melting together…

… into a beautiful ganache

Add the liqueur and vanilla and let it set-up and then its ready to roll.

Final step is rolling the truffles in crushed, toasted hazelnuts.

One of my favorite secrets is how easy rolled truffles are to make. And while these were really tasty, the nutella gets lost completely. Someday I’ll learn that nutella will always get overpowered by bittersweet chocolate and I might as well keep things simple. But you still can’t go wrong with chocolate and hazelnuts in any form.

Now that I have the best craft table ever! (photos coming soon, I promise) I needed a chair to go with it. I few months ago I snagged this freebie outside my office.

Not pretty, but simple and an easy chair to spruce up. Dusting it and taking it apart was step one. Then I sanded down the frame a bit before painting.

Then the fun part… painting. I have a love hate relationship with painting. I love how easy it is t make a huge change to something, but I always get bored part way through. Luckily this still managed to be just an afternoon project. I’ve gone back and forth on the color for this chair, white, grey or turquoise… I have all of them available as leftover wall paint. I finally went with my gut… turquoise!

No need to play it safe with a chair, so I might as well pick the fun color. Fabric for the seat was the toughest part… I even bought a couple different fabrics and of course ended up finding the perfect fit in my scrap stash! (well now I have new fabric calling for new projects I guess…). I’ve always loved this fabric and the dark turquoise matched the paint perfectly. Ironic too, because I originally bought this fabric to recover chairs for the office. While the frame dried, I recovered the seat (adding a bit more foam because it was really hard & flat…).

It was coming together so well and I had to make myself wait until the paint was completely dry. Nothing like watching paint dry… But it did and I got to put the pieces back together.

A perfect fun craft chair!
Here it is in its new home…