It’s my favorite time of year, yes I love the holidays… but my favorite tradition is my annual chocolate making extravaganza. We decided to give ourselves a break and skipped the molded chocolates this year (and saved ourselves a good 2-3 hours). But we still tempered the chocolate and dipped and poured like crazy!

First we made some chocolate praline hazelnuts and dipped swedish fish, pretzels and apricots (with a little chilli sea salt on top).

Then – this year’s masterpiece. Handrolled dark milk chocolate truffles, dipped in bittersweet chocolate with a few nibs on top.

The remaining chocolate gets poured into bark. This year: mango and cashews with curried mango salt, toffee & sea salt, and toffee with cashews.

At the end – it was quite a display of chocolates!

And of course, day two was the fun part… packaging them so they look as good as they taste!