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Step 1 in project craft space is done – the paint colors have been chosen.

The bedroom will soon be in the smaller room and will be zen and modern in golden cricket and dusty mountain (3rd from the bottom on each paint chip).

The bigger room will now serve as the office, guest room and sewing/craft space. I had to compromise my love of dark colors a bit so the room would be light and airy and a good work space (well I succeeded on 3 walls…). Those will be dolphin fin and the 4th will be mosaic tile (the bottom colors on both swatches).

next up, step 2: painting…

While posting my recent embroidery projects I started to get inspired by the number of crafty things I’ve actually done in the last few months. So I thought I’d revisit a couple others in order to keep the inspiration coming.

My sister had her first baby 2 months ago and I wanted to make something for her nursery. Playing off her love of owls, I found a really cute pattern for an owl mobile made from baby socks!

I”m not as good about taking photos of my baking, but here are a few from my annual chocolate making extravaganza with Jess.

While I love baking and sewing, I was always a bit jealous of my knitting friends and their portable projects – especially when I was empty handed at a stitch ‘n bitch.  So I started contemplating embroidery. I did enjoy a few projects including a square for a friend’s baby quilt and personalized napkins for Thanksgiving.

But I still wasn’t finding something I could do regularly. Then (thanks to Martha) I stumbled on Japanese Sashiko embroidery. It’s linear and I love the simple patterns. Plus it seemed like an easy thing to do. So… with a stitch ‘n bitch approaching it was time to give it a try. I had a table runner already sewn together from another unfinished project so decided to embroider the ends. Choosing the pattern wasn’t easy, but I settled on one that seemed fairly simple to draw onto the fabric.

I quickly learned that prepping the pattern was the hardest part of the project – patience isn’t always my strong point and this called for precise, carefully spaced lines.  I had to do it in shifts, but finally got the pattern drawn on. The actual stitching was a lot of fun – just a series of running stitches – and now I have a completed table runner and am already looking for new patterns and another use for sashiko.

I’ve made a commitment to myself to be more crafty this year. Whether that’s baking or sewing or anything else ‘crafty’ I feel motivated by.

I got some great motivation with BOTH Martha Stewart craft encyclopedia’s for Christmas (thanks dad!)

and now I’m working on setting up a better space to be creative. Nothing stops me in my tracks more than having to haul everything downstairs and set-up on the dining room table knowing I have to take it down and set it back up again each time motivation strikes.